For this battle you will need: a large field with hiding places, a band of unleashes, arrows, 1 hour of strategy and adrenaline.

You will have a full explanation before you start the game.

And of course, the winning team will be treated with fresh cold beers.

Plan ahead a special disguise for the future groom or bride just to mark the occasion.

Beer Bike

1 ride, a bunch of super-relaxed friends, alcohol and tons and tons of giggles with each pedal stroke.

You will laugh and drink together, obviously have a good time.

Bubble foot

Bubble foot is only: bubbles, 1 ball, 2 teams and a total delirium where all kicks are allowed.

In what consists the activity?

Bubble foot is a physical activity which consists of playing a game of football in inflatable bubbles. Whether you are a good or a bad football player, this activity is ideal for everyone without exception. Collide with your opponents and knock them down without hurting them while laughing.

Striptease club

You want to party while being surrounded by pretty girls or pretty guys. So simple, we take you to the best striptease clubs for men or women for an evening that promises to be hot and crazy.

Escape room

This activity is the trend. It’s one of the most popular activities.

It's easy as pie, you're locked in a dead end room. In order to get out, you have to solve riddles with your group in 60 minutes.

A word of advice: keep your temper and cool and don't get too carried away.


Ultra powerful cars, a helmet, turns, laps and a lot of fun.

If you like action, adrenaline and challenges then you've came to the right place.

Before the game, you will be briefed to familiarize yourself with karting. The moment you're done, all you have to do is to get started.

And of course the winner will have a beer and the losers will get cool glasses of water just to tease them.


Plan ahead a special disguise for the future groom or bride just to mark the occasion.


This kidnapping followed by a very sexy show will de-stress the future bride and groom. A hilarious joke for the whole gang.


You guys go out for a drink. Everything is fine. Upon leaving, your honorable victim finds himself handcuffed, blindfolded in a car. There is general panic, he / she hears a person speaking in a foreign language. 25 minutes later, the victim is tied up to a chair in a room. Suddenly the lights turns on and a sexy music starts playing, and the show begins.

Ziptrek Tremblant

Actually, Ziptrek Tremblant offers a spectacular journey of five ziplines that take you from the top of Mont Tremblant to the pedestrian village. Zip lines with over 1 km length (the longest in Quebec!), you can zip side-by-side with your friends, making the experience even more exciting. In addition, the gondola lift is included. Spectacular views await you. Get started!

CRAZY IDEA: Disguise the future groom or bride for an unforgettable day!

Axe throwing

Do you want to break and crash everything? Do you want to de-stress? It's very simple: an ax and a wooden target to let off steam.

Whoever succeeds in exploding the wooden target, will be entitled to a cold beer.

For fun, plan a special outfit or jumpsuit for the future groom or bride.

Hummer limousine

Do you want to travel the city in a limousine with your gang? A limousine will be waiting for you in front of your home for the duration you want for a night trip filled with surprises.

This trip is intended for individuals who see things big.

A word of advice: savor this moment of celebrity because all eyes will be fixed on you as well as on your tank.


We’ll take you to a 65,000 square foot base, a loaded gun, 1 hour of guaranteed adrenaline, lots of fun and a few blue traces as a souvenir for the future groom and bride.


Strategy, action, shooting, speed, intelligence and adrenaline. A word of advice, shoot and hide before it's too late.


We recommend a group of at least 8 people to make the most of this activity. Nevertheless, even If you are less than 8 people, it does not matter.


A beer will be offered to each person. And to extend the day, we can offer you to enjoy a good meal in one of our favorite restaurants.


An evening in a nightclub. We take you to a trendy club, a VIP entry, a table at your disposal for a magical night.

You don’t know where to spend the night with the bride or the groom? Well, it will happen with us. Put yourself in chic mode and party without worrying about anything.

Indoor Skydiving

Do you want to get in the air? But really in the air? This activity will boost you and make you move in all directions.

A word of advice: Don't eat too much before this activity ...


Have you long dreamed of getting a tattoo? Are you hesitating? Are you afraid? Are you looking for the perfect tattoo artist?

We take you to one of the best tattoo parlors in Montreal where the finest artists in the city work.

Artist: Pouria Hezaveh


Montreal Nerf

Immerse yourself in the hell of battle. The theater of operations becomes your playground for a war of nerves as physical as it is tactical.

Completely atypical, the activity will make you feel like a hero.

Of course, you will wear protections to be perfectly safe. The goal is to have a unique and enjoyable time during a Bachelor Party.

Recruit your army!

Ice karting

For the very first time, you will be able to participate in an electric kart race on the ice of a rink in an atmosphere that conveys to a world of video games!

Who hasn't dreamed of becoming a video game character and racing against their friends like if they are in a video game but in real life?

This dream will come true! And the cherry on the cake, it's going to take place on the ice of an ice rink in order to combine speed and crazy drifts!

1. Put on the costume of your choice from one of the characters from the game (provided to you), get into your electric go-kart and off you go for a crazy race on ice in a legendary setting!

2. Avoid the bananas thrown by your opponents, throw the shells and try to avoid the obstacles to finish and win therace!

All of this fun in a setting and a musical atmosphere taken from the game!

The Rage Cage experience

Ever felt like breaking stuff with your besties? Look no further!

Montreal’s first demolition room welcomes you to blow off some steam, with sledgehammers and crowbars!

Choose your “smashables”, suit up for safety (protective gear provided) and destroy everything you see, while listening to your favorite playlist!

The best part of it? No need to clean after yourselves!


Inspired by a very popular game in university parties, Volleypong will give you a good time without even having to drink anything ! Take turns throwing the ball at the buckets, eliminating those you reach. Be sure to prepare your aiming skills as some cups contain challenges for the losing team to achieve !

Tic Tac Dunk

He is the illegitimate son of BASKETBALL and TIC TAC TOE. In this remix, two teams compete against each other: the X-balls and the O-balls. Launch them to take possession of the boxes and complete a line as quickly as possible.

Babyfoot Cage

This life size foosball table is played at 5 vs 5 and will turn many heads. Move sideways and use passes and bounces to send the ball into the opponent’s goal. A trip back to childhood guaranteed !